Plan Rules & How to enroll a group.

Employer groups must have two or more full-time employees enrolled.

The employer must contribute a minimum of 50% of the employee premium.  75% of the eligible employees must participate, 100% must participate if the employer contribution is 100% of the employee premium.  Employees covered by a spouse's group plan or a union plan do not have to participate.

Benefit Selections
We have a large variety of plans available.  As long as we have 75% of eligible employees enrolling, any size group can offer a base plan and a buy-up plan if they wish.  Contribution will be based upon the lower cost plan.  The group may mix and match plans to suit their needs.

For example: a group may wish to offer the PPO Classic 1500 plan as their base plan and allow employees to buy-up to the Premier 1500 plan.

     The VSP C $5 copay plan must have a minimum of 2 enrolling to be offered.

Benefit options are selected by the group. 
If the group selects to have Orthodontia and/or the D&P maximum waiver, they must have the orthodontia and/or D&P maximum waiver option on all plans being offered and all members must have the benefit(s).

he following plans do not offer Orthodontia: PPO Classic 1000 and Premier Plan IV. 
     The following plans do not offer the D & P maxumum waiver: Premier Plan II, III, IV and the PPO Classic 1000.

All employees of the employer who are performing active work on a full time basis (20 hours a week or over) are eligible for benefits including corporate officers, owners, or partners.

All eligible dependents can enroll on the original effective date. 
Dependents can also be added for a later effective date if they are newly eligible or as part of an open enrollment process. 
Eligible dependents include legal spouse or domestic partner and children to age 26. 
The employer is responsible to report any changes to a dependents eligibility to Wolfpack Insurance Services, Inc.
Newborn children do not need to enroll until just before the first appointment, usually before age 4. 
Domestic partners
are defined as same-sex and opposite-sex couples registered with any government agency authorizing such registrations. Your domestic partner is subject to the same terms and conditions as any other Dependent enrolled in this plan. 

Open Enrollment
Any employee who waived off the plan at initial enrollment may elect coverage on the anniversary date of the groups enrollment.  We can also set the Open Enrollment date to be the same as the renewal date (see below) or the Open Enrollment date of their group health plan.  Please contact us if you wish to make this change.
Any dependent who did not elect coverage when the plan was established may elect coverage on the Open Enrollment date.
If an employee who had coverage through their spouse looses that coverage, they may be added the first of the month after the loss of the other coverage.

Effective date
When a firm joins the Plan, the coverage of its current employees will be effective on the first day of the month following approval of the firms application to participate.   Additions to your plan will be effective the first of the month after the elected probationary period from their date of hire. 

Renewal Dates
Groups that enroll from January 1st through June 1st renew on January 1st. 
    Groups that enroll from July 1st through December 1st renew on July 1st.

How to Enroll a Group

  1. Complete the Trust Group Enrollment Form. 
  2. Submit a copy of the latest payroll report. 
    To establish the relationship between others (owners or partners) not shown on the payroll, please click here to download a form

  3. If the group is enrolling in a dental plan and has less than 10 enrolling, submit proof of prior dental coverage. 
    (See below regarding the Major and/or Orthodontia waiting period)

  4. Send to Wolfpack Insurance Services, Inc. using one of the following methods:

    Upload Securely

    Mail to: PO Box 156, Belmont CA 94002.  Or: 425 Harbor Blvd, Suite 2C Belmont CA 94070. 
    Fax to: 650-591-4022

Upon approval of the application, the agent and client will each receive a letter confirming coverage.  We will send the Wallet Cards as directed by the Trust Group Enrollment form.

Billings will be sent directly to the employer on or about the 8th of the month.  Each months remittance is due on the 25th day of the prior month and will become delinquent if not received by the 1st of the coverage month.  Please make checks payable to Small Business Benefit Plan Trust or Wolfpack Insurance Services Inc. 

Can the Delta Dental waiting period for Major Services and/or Orthodontia be waived?

For groups of less than 10 enrolled members Delta Dental applies a 12 month waiting period for Major Services.  If the group has the optional Orthodontic Benefit a 12 month waiting period also applies to the Orthodontic services.

We can waive these waiting periods with proof of continuous prior group coverage for the past 12 months.  For the Orthodontic benefit waiting period to be waived the proof must also show that Orthodontia was a covered benefit with the prior coverage.  Mandated pediatric coverage under the medical plan does not count towards waiving the dental waiting periods.

The proof must be submitted with the enrollment form and will not be accepted at a later date. 

For employee additions after the groups original effective date proof can consist of a Creditable Coverage form from the prior carrier or an internet screen print-out from the prior carrier showing the dates of coverage and benefits.

Retroactive Member Termination
Member terminations must be received by the 14th of the month to be terminated retroactive to the first of the previous month.

Group Termination
Group termination information must be received by the 14th of the month to be terminated retroactive to the first of the current month.


Cal-COBRA groups will give us the members address upon termination of coverage and we will generate the Cal-COBRA election form and invoice the member directly for the coverage. 

Federal COBRA groups will need to issue a COBRA form upon the qualifying event.  
Please follow this link to view and download model notices provided by the Department of Labor.
COBRA Continuation Coverage | U.S. Department of Labor (

When the member elects COBRA, pease use the Add Employee and/or Dependents to the plan form to re-add the member on to your plan.  Members who extend coverage under Federal COBRA will be invoiced with the group and the individual premium collection is done by the group.

Please follow this link for a definition of Federal COBRA vs. Cal-COBRA and to notify us which COBRA regulations apply to your group.

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